We were born to promote the circular economy in Spain and the use of renewable fuels. In this way, we promote more sustainable mobility.

CRECEMOS is a multi-sectoral association that encompasses a large part of the value chain in the field of mobility, with the representation of 25 leading companies from the energy, raw materials, industry, transport and retail sectors, and the collaboration of ASAJA (Agricultural Association of Young Farmers) in the primary sector and the University of Zaragoza. We are an association that came about to promote the circular economy in Spain and the use of renewable fuels as an existing option that is complementary to other alternatives to decarbonise all transport segments.

Renewable fuels are a real and readily available alternative to foment the decarbonisation of transport, especially in the aviation, maritime and heavy road transport. At CRECEMOS, we drive new value chains around the reuse of waste, encourage the development of technologies for its recovery, and create new markets for more sustainable products.

The transition to more sustainable energy sources is therefore an imperative in the quest for a more secure and environmentally friendly energy future.


At CRECEMOS, we believe that rapid and coordinated action at the global level is essential to address environmental challenges.
It is essential to develop sustainable and efficient policies which, following the three Rs rule (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle), reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage recycling and reuse of materials.

Our objectives

• Contribute to the global goal of climate neutrality by 2050

CRECEMOS joins the collective effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. Through the use of low-emission renewable fuels, we aim to accelerate the decarbonisation of land, sea and air mobility in Spain.

Mission, vision and values


We are committed to being a facilitating agent in the transition to a circular economy and the decarbonisation of transport in Spain. Our mission is to:

  • Promote the use of renewable fuels as an effective solution for the decarbonisation of transport, promoting research, investment and the adoption of clean technologies that promote net-zero emissions in use.
  • Encourage sustainable mobility as a driver of social and territorial cohesion, facilitating access to clean transport options and promoting equality in accessing mobility services.
  • Lead a just, sustainable and secure energy transition, ensuring that the economic and social benefits of decarbonisation are distributed equitably across society.
  • Stimulate the development of collaborative and circular projects involving the entire value chain, from the production of raw materials to waste management, promoting constructive collaboration between sectors and maximising the value of resources.
  • To disseminate, inform and raise awareness among society about the importance of the circular economy and renewable fuels as key tools to face the environmental and energy challenges of the 21st century.


Our aim is to position ourselves as leaders in the transition to a circular economy and the decarbonisation of transport in Spain. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change towards a sustainable future in which renewable fuels and the circular economy are key pillars. We are committed to:

  • Achieving climate neutrality through the comprehensive decarbonisation of land, sea and air transport, using renewable fuels as a necessary and complementary solution to other technologies.
  • Promoting the creation of quality employment in rural areas through the promotion of SMEs and cooperatives dedicated to waste recovery and the production of renewable fuels.
  • Stimulating industrial development based on circular economy principles, reducing resource consumption and generating new business opportunities around waste recovery.
  • Contributing to Spain’s energy independence, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and promoting the diversification of renewable energy sources.
  • Advocating for inclusive regulation that promotes technological and fiscal neutrality, ensuring a regulatory framework that fosters innovation and competitiveness in the renewable fuels sector.


CRECEMOS was constituted under the following values:


At CRECEMOS we are committed to the preservation of the environment and the responsible use of natural resources, with a view to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting practices that ensure long-term sustainability.


Promotion of cooperation between different sectors across the entire value chain to address the challenges of the energy transition and the circular economy jointly and effectively.


Commitment to social welfare and economic development, especially in rural areas, through the promotion of companies dedicated to waste recovery.


Commitment to disseminating information and raising public awareness of the importance of the circular economy and renewable fuels, promoting greater participation in the energy transition.


Mónica de la Cruz

Directora general CRECEMOS

Sergio Treviño

Chief Executive Officer SESÉ
Presidente CRECEMOS

Berta Cabello

Dr. Combustibles Renovables Repsol Vicepresidenta CRECEMOS

Isabel Troya

Head of Investor Relations Logista

Jorge Escuín

Dr. Retail POS & New Products Repsol

Joaquín Pérez de Ayala

Head of Energy Transition Técnicas Reunidas

Antonio Vallespir

Chief Executive Officer Vertex Bioenergy

Jorge Ramis

Director General Acteco

Fernando González

Director General Grupo Corral
Secretario CRECEMOS


A clear commitment to a real change in the production model: